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German chemist remembered for his discovery of the ring structure of benzene (1829-1896)

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It was Kekule himself who found the answer in 1865.
Despite everything, despite even Kekule's system for presenting organic structures (see 1858), there was still ample confusion over the structure of many organic molecules.
In order to rationalize the ratios of the weights of elements in organic compounds, Kekule had even postulated that each carbon atom could form four such bonds.
You could glean a tremendous amount of fresh and pertinent information from this book--about the Zoot Suit riots and Maxwell's Demon, the Kirghiz Light and the Herero uprising, Ufa Studios and the history of expressionism in German film, the psychedelic properties of the rye fungus called ergot and its effect on European history, August Kekule's discovery of the structure of the benzene ring in a dream, and especially the physics and technology and analytical geometry and calculus of the process whereby a multi-ton package of steel, fuel, and explosives could be sent special delivery from thousands of miles away with lethal accuracy to a spot just above your head.
Greenberg's hypothesis is that the ouroboros might have inspired Auguste Kekule in imaging the benzene ring.
Alexander Kekule, un microbiologo de la Universidad de Halle en Alemania, senalo que las discrepancias en las cifras mexicanas sobre casos confirmados de A/H1N1 surgieron por fallas de nuestro sistema de salud.
Recordemos que Friedrich August Kekule resolvio la estructura del benceno despues de sonar con una serpiente que se mordia la cola, lo que dio pie a que cada escue la psicoanalitica diera su propia version de los traumas que anidaban en su mente cuando tuvo tan curiosa representacion.
Rocke, "Kekule, Butlerov, and the Historiography of the Theory of Chemical Structure," The British Journal for the History of Science 14 (1981): 27, for a fuller description of these issues.
Estuvo dedicada a la definicion de los terminos atomo, molecula, radical compuesto y atomo compuesto y aunque no sabemos el contenido de su intervencion alterno en el estrado con figuras de la talla de Kekule, Natanson, Strecker, Jerome Nikles (1820-1869), Antoine Bechamps (1816-1908).
In suggesting that this is indeed what benzene is, the chemist Friedrich von Kekule had to transform the constraint string (open curve) into that of ring (closed curve).
It was a moment like the falling of the apple in the myth of Newton, or the fluorescence of a nearby barium screen in the case of Rontgen, or the flames the dozing Kekule saw as interlocked snakes when he got the idea of the benzene ring.
They comment in their article that Kekule's 19th century views on the matter come closer to this newest picture of benzene than to the benzene of molecular orbital theory.
Kekule, whose structural chemistry paved the way to eventual unification, doubted that "absolute constitutions of organic molecules could ever be given"; his models and analysis of valency were to have an instrumental interpretation only.
Whether we listen to Clerk, Maxwell, Galton, Kekule, Hadamard, Medawar, Poincare, or Einstein, they state that when a problem becomes difficult they prescind from words and turn to sensory imagery.
(Indeed, evidence that social judgements may have changed more than scientific behaviors can be found in the "epidemic" of misconduct among scientists long dead, including Freud, Galileo, Kekule, Mendel, Newton, and Pasteur.) But what are the implications for research and policy that follow from viewing public concern about misconduct as a change in the science-society relationship?