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Synonyms for party



be a party to something


  • get involved in
  • be associated with
  • be a participant in
  • concern yourself with or in

Synonyms for party

a large or important social gathering

a group of people acting together in a shared activity

a group of individuals united in a common cause

one who participates

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

Synonyms for party

an organization to gain political power

have or participate in a party

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Hollywood would have us believe that everyone goes to keggers on Friday nights, that cheerleaders and football players are some sort of worshiped society, and that marijuana is as common in school as pencils.
Most striking liberty taken here is the party scene, which can involve all-night keggers so big that kids often drive from different states to attend.
THE INITIATIVE, AS well as students arguing in favor of the right I to go to keggers, invoke the plight of the parched soldier--old enough to die for his country but not allowed to have a beer.
Fort Miley and skating well, the barbeques, the keggers that happened in the day were too many to mention, but it has been a meeting point throughout SF skate history, "like forever.
Fought Stev at keggers, in the hallways of school and parties, among the lodgepole pines, on the logging roads, in the middle of fucking nowhere.