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Synonyms for Katari

a native or inhabitant of Qatar

of or concerning Qatar or its inhabitants


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Bolivia's state-run telecommunications company Entel has installed 1,100 antennas in the country to receive signals from Tupac Katari.
The concrete historical processes of national or regional liberation in the face of European colonialism--which began in the South with Tupac Amaru and Tupac Katari between 1780-1781, and then in Haiti between 1791 and 1804 against France, in 1810 with Latin America against Spain and Portugal, and in Africa and Asia following the Second World War--laid the foundation for the emergence of a philosophy of liberation from colonialism.
The single wicket championship was won by 12 year-old Harshvardhan Katari who grabbed the winners' medal beating three senior players.
Qatar-based Katari Hospitality is looking to invest in new hotel projects in business and leisure segments across Western Europe, North Africa, Arab Peninsula, South-East Asia and North America, with a focus on the mid-tier segment.
Plus, Morales made hay with the global spotlight right before the conference, announcing his intent to launch Bolivia's very own telecommunications satellite whose purpose is to splay electromagnetic radiation over the unwitting countryside--and, ironically, whose name will be Tupak Katari, after the great Andean freedom fighter.
For example, village (i) Targaoun (ii) Aranjaram (iii) Gaurikakra (iv) Katari (v) Rathgoun (vi) Tejpur (vii) Miranpur (viii) Ramsari (ix) Bhattpurwa from the same village completely similar by STRs studied.
Paz Zamora also took a fairly hard line against domestic terrorism, authorizing a 1990 attack on terrorists of the Nestor Paz Zamora Committee and the 1992 crackdown on the Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army (EGTK).
In April of last year, an Aymara university, called Tupac Katari University, named after an eighteenth century rebel leader, was inaugurated in the town of Warisata near La Paz.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Taj Muhammad Katari, a resident of Drang and an employee of Social Forestry, talking to the newsmen, said that more than 100 people had died so far while several others disabled due to the killer shells.
The porter who carried loads between Katari of Udaypur and the Himalayan district is now a rich and proud farmer.
The families of the three convicts, who hail from Katari village of Gaya, claimed they were innocent.
One is the tradition of indigenous resistance, linked through historical time to the 1780-81 rebellion against the Spaniards led by Tupaj Katari and Bartolina Sisa.
In his first presidential address, Morales called for one minute's silence for Tupaj Katari, who fought for Bolivia's independence; Che Guevara; the citizens of El Alto, who were massacred in October 2003 by military forces under the orders of ex-President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada; and anonymous heroes who have sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom.
From the Sections of Cardiology, Departments of Medicine, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (Glancy, Katari, Velasquez) and Tulane University Health Sciences Center (Raggi), New Orleans, Louisiana.
The stories of the battles between the clans of Heike and Genji, which are an important element in Warrior Noh, are also presented seriously in Kyogen in the form of katari (storytelling), a chanted narration with stylized mimetic movements in two different contexts.