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Synonyms for Katari

a native or inhabitant of Qatar

of or concerning Qatar or its inhabitants


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Tupac Katari, named after an Aymara warrior who fought Spanish invasion in the 18th century, was launched three years later and began operating in April 2014.
This includes the Tupac Katari 1 satellite that enables greater coverage with cutting-edge technology capable of reaching even the most remote areas.
Bolivia's state-run telecommunications company Entel has installed 1,100 antennas in the country to receive signals from Tupac Katari.
Karam Chand and his wife Katari said that their marriage is a "real blessing", and to celebrate another year of married life is like a "dream come true", the Daily Express reported.
A prominent social entrepreneur from South Florida, Jay Katari, is planning to launch new thrift retail stores across the United States in an attempt to transform the American recycling industry.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Taj Muhammad Katari, a resident of Drang and an employee of Social Forestry, talking to the newsmen, said that more than 100 people had died so far while several others disabled due to the killer shells.
In the first phase of the programme, the underground irrigation facilities are being constructed in Chandralalpur of Siraha and Tribeni, Katari and Tapeshwori of Udayapur.
In his first presidential address, Morales called for one minute's silence for Tupaj Katari, who fought for Bolivia's independence; Che Guevara; the citizens of El Alto, who were massacred in October 2003 by military forces under the orders of ex-President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada; and anonymous heroes who have sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom.
Sderot residents like Batya Katari accused the government of failing to protect them, and are threatening to move out.
These revolts have received renewed attention over the past few years, with numerous books published on the rebellions of Tupac Amaru (around Cuzco, Peru) and Tupac Katari (in the highlands surrounding La Paz, Bolivia).
monogatari Japanese mono-gatari tale, narrative, from mono thing + katari talk, narration