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Fakat bu liste toplam fosil yakit rezervi siralamasi olup, rezervleri en buyuk uc ulke, sirasiyla, petrolde Venezuela (46,6 Milyar Tep), Suudi Arabistan (36,7 Milyar Tep) ve Kanada (27,9 Milyar Tep); dogal gazda iran (30,6 Milyar Tep), RF (29,8 Milyar Tep) ve Katar (22,1 Milyar Tep); komurde ise ABD (115,3 Milyar Tep), RF (68,7 Milyar Tep) ve Cin (58,9 Milyar Tep) olarak belirmektedir.
He has currently a late 18th- or early 19th-century katar, made in one of the princely states under Mughal influence, the handle set with emeralds, rubies and rose-cut diamonds (75,000 [pounds sterling]).
The LCCI Vice President Nasir Saeed said, The members from Katar Band Road are facing acute problems.
Bolivia: cambios y Contradicciones, editado por Colectivo Katar Uta, 139-172.
5 overs (Sparsh Aggarwal 30, Jabrulla Khan Katar Meeran 28, Sundararajan Suresh 22, Kowligi Krishna Kumar 20; Rajant Sawant 3/26, Abdul Ghani Al Balushi 2/15).
In The Hundred Names of Darkness, which is set in the crowded alleyways of Nizamuddin, the unforgettable cats from the last novel -- Mara, Southpaw, Katar, Berl and Hulo -- are recovering from their fierce battle with the feral cats.
The lake is primarily supplied by two rivers, the Meki from the west and the Katar from the east that is drained by the by Bulbula which empties into Lake Abijata.
KATAR Singh--Rural Development: Principles, Policies and Management, Ed, SAGE Publications, New Delhi, 2009;
Taking victory in this endurance endeavour was Bahrain Royal Endurance Team rider and Al Zaeem stable member Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, who completed the 120km ride astride Kalharabi Katar in a total time of four hours, 54 minutes and 19 seconds, racing with an average speed of 24kph.
Shaikh Ebrahim completed the 120-km ride on his steed Kalharabi Katar in a total time of four hours 54 minutes 19 seconds.
Judge BE-lent Katar partially accepted the case and decided that the newspaper should pay the suggested amount of compensation.
Vishwapreet Cheema , GM of the hotel and Spa Director Alka Katar were also present share the honoured moment.
LCCI president Farooq Iftikhar, Senior Vice President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, Vice President Mian Abuzar Shad, former President Mian Muhammad Ashraf, President QIE Board M I Kurram, Ahsan Mehmood Butt of Sunder Industrial Estate, Almas Haider, President Katar Bund Industrial Estate Mehmood Ghaznavi, Hassan Shahzad of Ferozepur Road Industrial Estate, LCCI Executive Committee Members Mian Zahid Javaid, Waqar Ahmad Mian and former Chairman LTIA Iftikhar Ahmad Bashir also spoke on the occasion.
Lathman, Katar, Yonge (all electrical and computer engineers at a Florida technology company), and Gavette (information science, U.