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a wind caused by the downward motion of cold air

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When they did not return after six hours, and since there was no radio communication, the Naval Arctic Research Lab (NARL) at Barrow was alerted and sent a rescue plane, which reported that the two on the glacier were safe but could not take off because of the rough glacier surface and strong down-glacier katabatic winds.
It was the first time all five regional ensembles, Young Sinfonia, Folkestra, Jambone, Katabatic Winds and Quay voices, had played together.
Powerful katabatic winds arrived without warning to shatter the calm.
Katabatic winds blew the aerosol cloud over 50, 100, 200, and 400 sampling arcs.
A cold breeze streams from the glaciers, an echo of katabatic winds that howled when ice held sway.
NYSE: TXT) company, announced today that its Aerosonde small unmanned aircraft and air crew participated in a six-week University of Colorado exploration of the cold, rough katabatic winds present on the coast of Antarctica.
Katabatic winds (radiatively cooled air descending along local slopes) are the most probable cause for this behaviour.
Young Sinfonia (classical), Jambone (jazz) and Folkestra (folk) have been joined by two new ensembles: Katabatic Winds and Quay Voices.
Mawson called the location 'the home of the blizzard', an apt description of a location where powerful katabatic winds regularly rush down from the continent's frigid interior, with gusts sometimes reaching speeds of 300km/h.
Katabatic Winds is The Sage Gateshead's youth wind ensemble, with the region's finest young wind players showcasing their talent in a variety of styles of music.
We can see the crevasses at the bottom of the continent and watch katabatic winds 50km away.
Katabatic Winds, the most recently formed of The Sage Gateshead's youth ensembles, celebrate the end of their first full season with this concert which includes the premiere of a piece composed by three postgraduate composition students from Newcastle University: Sergio Camacho, Johann Hasler and Matthew Rowan.
A Katabatic Winds concert on Sunday evening in Hall Two will showcase a new piece based on the atmosphere of these films.
It's taking place on March 26 in Hall One of the venue and will see Folkestra, Jambone, Katabatic Winds, Quay Voices and Young Sinfonia congregate for an evening of music making.