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Synonyms for carat

a unit of weight for precious stones = 200 mg

the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy


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Dampak alih guna hutan menjadi kebun karet dan kelapa sawit terhadap cadangan C dan N tanah, serta pencucian nitrogen [annual reports leading research universities].
Karet is now transitioning the former--a discount format for a half dozen locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania--to the Good Cents Grocery + More banner.
clockwise from top left) Robert Baker, Susan Cooper, Christopher Douglas, David and Irene Karet and Priscilla Davis.
He accuses Akiba of committing Hillul ha-Shem, profanation of God's name,(17) an unforgivable sin which God punishes forthwith,(18) hence karet (extirpation), and those who incur karet are flogged.
GT was established in 1951 with the name of NV Perusahaan Pabrik Karet "Hok Thay Hin".
Karet, 74, an entrepreneur in the trade-show industry and a lifelong advocate for at-risk children, passed away November 29 after a yearlong battle with lung cancer.
Currently there are eight producers of motorcycle tires in the country including Gajah Tunggal with GT Radial brand car tire and IRC brand for motorcycle tire, Surya-raya with FDR brand, Benteng Pratama (Mizzle), Industri Karet Deli (Swallow) and Sumi Rubber (Dunlop).
Key vendors dominating this space include PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, PT Industri Karet Deli, PT Sumi Rubber Indonesia, and PT Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries.
PT Industri Karet Deli produces both natural rubber tubes and butyl rubber tubes and three companies, i.
As a company, Giant Eagle is always looking for ways to continue to enhance and expand our multi-format strategy to anticipate and exceed ever-evolving customer needs," said Giant Eagle CEO Laura Karet.
GT was originally named NV Perusahaan Pabrik Karet "Hok Thay Hin" established in 1951.
Michael will join Giant Eagle's Chief Executive Officer, Laura Karet, to cook one of the Iron Chef's yet to be unveiled recipes in the Market District's state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen.
PT North Sumatra 250,000 8 Inhutani V (2), PT JAMBI 243,620 9 Maharani Rayon Jaya, PT PAPUA 206,800 10 Okaba Rimba Makmur, PT PAPUA 206,800 11 Wira Karya Sakti, PT JAMBI 191,130 12 Tanjung Redep Hutani East Kalimantan 180,330 13 Kertas Basuki Rahmat, PT West Kalimantan 173,938 14 ITCI Hutani Manun al East Kalimantan 161,127 15 Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper RIAU 159,500 16 Inhutani III (Nanga Pinoh), PT West Kalimantan 119,080 17 Nityasa Idola, PT West Kalimantan 113,196 18 Inhutani III (Sanggau), PT West Kalimantan 101,800 19 Korintiga Hutani, PT Cental Kalimantan 92,150 20 Satria Perkasa Aun RIAU 76,017 21 Simalungun Karet Lestari, PT North Sumatra 74,899 22 Ceria Karya Pranawa, PT Central Kalimantan 74,730 23 Mayangkara Tanaman Industry West Kalimantan 73,160 24 Sinar WEST KALIMANTAN.