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Synonyms for carat

a unit of weight for precious stones = 200 mg

the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy


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Dampak alih guna hutan menjadi kebun karet dan kelapa sawit terhadap cadangan C dan N tanah, serta pencucian nitrogen [annual reports leading research universities].
Karet joined Giant Eagle in 2000 as vice president of marketing.
AoAt the time the contract was signed, it is unlikely they were foreseeing online sales,Ao Karet said in a phone interview.
KARET David Joseph Passed away peacefully after a long illness, on Wednesday 17th February 2010 aged 72 years.
17) This pre-study was conducted in the village of Babakan Karet in the sub-district Cianjur.
Brian Karet, a GP in Bradford and a medical advisor for Diabetes UK, said that the figures in the survey seemed high, but he agreed that there was a lot of hidden hypoglycaemia.
Simon DB, Karet FE, Hamdan JM, DiPietro A, Sanjad SA, Lifton RP.
Bejar Mohammed Karet, aged 25, of Cheveral Avenue, Radford, Coventry, making a false statement to obtain a certificate of insurance, two counts of using a vehicle without insurance, fraud by dishonestly making a false representation, fined pounds 1,100, disqualified for 18 months.
A basic concept in Indonesia is jam karet, literally "rubber time.
In Indonesia it's called jam karet, 'rubber time', and in South America they say manana, meaning 'later', or at some indeterminate time.
That moment, as they refer to it in Indonesia, is djam karet, the moment that stretches.
Giant Eagle has a long and respected reputation for excellence in serving the pharmaceutical needs of its communities," states Laura Karet, the Pittsburgh-based food retailer's senior vice president of marketing.
Karet Leonard, The South Asian Americans (New York: Greenwood Press, 1998); Roger Ballard, ed.
In early December, an old woman in Central Jakarta's Karet Bivak public cemetery said that her niece's grave had disappeared, although ''she was just buried two months ago,'' and the place where it had been was encircled by an iron fence.