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the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the Thailand and Burmese borderlands

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After marrying Khin, a woman of Karen ethnicity, he opts to be counted as a Karen himself.
The Karens were featured in this magazine six years ago.
The most serious of these was by the Communists who had been denied membership in the government coalition; four other rebellions were on an ethnic basis-the Karens, Kachins, Mons, and Rohingyas of Arakan [the so-called Mujahid Revolt] all of whom hoped to realize their separatist aims in opposition to the central Burmese government in Rangoon.
U Nu infuriated Burman commanders by arbitrarily promoting Karens to command positions in order to maintain political support.
Oh dear, he said as the number of Johns, Karens, Colins and Andrews totted up, "have we no great names such as Coriolanus, Suetonius or suchlike amongst us?
For more information on membership contact Karen Shank, Director of Business Development at karens@ncoin.
At one Cherokee meeting, prayer was offered for the persecuted Karens of Burma.
Three of Goldie's eight runners, Fife Jo, Classy Anne and Karens Legacy, look up against it as they are racing from 6lb out of the handicap, but the trainer is especially sweet on the chances of Monel, the mount of Graham Lee.
Karens Legacy is a sister to Hawkeyethenoo and she's had very little racing.
From left to right, Stan Stennett with the Three Karens in the Billy and Bonzo Meet Cinderella pantomime at the Grand Pavillion, Porthcawl, in accomplished jazz player - and, far right, how his legions of fans around South Wales will remember him - always with a smile on his face
Arrowmont's gallery director Karen Green selected work from the school's impressive clay collection to curate a show in the loggia gallery, which included pieces by Karen Karens, Michael Simon and many other past Arrowmont instructors and resident artists.
I saw how he addressed every question in class to one of them, to the Karens or to Lily Holburn, saying, "Anyone?
Billy and Bonzo meet Cinderella at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl Stan Stennett pictured with the three Karens.
Les rebelles karens ont combattu le gouvernement central birman plus ou moins constamment depuis 1949.
For example, the Karens, with a sizeable Christian (Methodist) minority, undertook an armed revolt.