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Synonyms for fever

Synonyms for fever

a rise in the temperature of the body

intense nervous anticipation

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In this respect the work of the late Varpu Lindstom stands out because she created a research network of Canadians, Finns, and Russians focused on the question of Karelian Fever and The Search for a Socialist El Dorado is, in large part, a result of her efforts to bridge the divide.
It is hardly surprising that discussion of Karelian Fever should have been so highly politicised, or that so much emphasis should have been placed on ideological considerations.
Clinically similar or identical diseases are Ockelbo disease (known as August-September disease) in Sweden and Karelian fever in Russian Karelia (5-7).
Identity of Karelian fever and Ockelbo viruses determined by serum dilution-plaque reduction neutralization tests and oligonucleotide mapping.
Isolation of Karelian fever agent from Aedes communis mosquitoes.