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a region in Finland and Russia between the Gulf of Finland and the White Sea

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The North American Finnish immigration to Karelia was known as "Karelian fever" and has attracted attention in recent decades, especially in the Finnish diaspora in the US and Canada and in Finland itself.
By one estimate, 739 people, or about ten percent of all the Finnish North Americans who went to Karelia were executed and only about 5,000 were still there in the late-1930s.
Wearing their uniforms of the Karelia Cadet Corps, they carried a banner encouraging donations to slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier's Memorial Fund.
Ice phenology data (dates of freeze, break-up and number of ice cover days) of eight lakes in the Republic of Karelia (1950-2009) are used to detect the response of different types of lakes to changes in regional climate.
During our field visits to Russian Karelia, we have documented the reality of Ikea's forestry, and it's a far cry from the fine words in their advertising," says Protect the Forest Chairman Viktor Save.
Bill Carew, President of Karelia Health accepted the award on behalf of Anne Gannon and the Office of the Constitutional Tax Collector.
Sergei Goncharov, the head of the Health Ministry's National Center for Disaster Medicine, said the boy was still in an operating theater at the Children's Hospital of the Republic of Karelia, where he had undegone vascular surgery.
25 miles) from its destination of Petrozavodsk airport in the Karelia region.
The RusAir evening flight to the capital of Karelia region was unable to reach the airport and crash landed on the highway one kilometer away from Petrozavodsk airport, falling apart and bursting into flames on impact.
Two months ago the company opened the most northerly one in the program, at the North Karelia College of Technology in Joensuu, Finland, the first HTEC in that country.
A police spokeswoman said that the incident took place at Petrozavodsk in the republic of Karelia and followed a call from a postal worker who had identified a suspect package, reports the Telegraph.
A great example is North Karelia in Finland, where there has been an 82% reduction in heart disease amongst men over the last 40 years.
They have also included Moszkowski's Spanish Dances No2 and the Karelia Suite by Sibelius.
6 bn sticks this year; Karelias with best selling brands Karelia Slims, Karelia Blue Slims and Karelia Slims Menthol also produced 14.
Of these, the Karelia ladogensis at the SE border, comprises only two narrow stretches, which as such would not deserve the status of a province.