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a region in Finland and Russia between the Gulf of Finland and the White Sea

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Ten years later, another survey of adults (25-54 years) found that positive allergen-specific IgE levels had increased in Finnish Karelia, but incidence remained the same in Russian Karelia, even though the Russian region had had more exposure to Western influence.
The incident took place on Lake Syamozero, a large freshwater lake in the Republic of Karelia, according to an official from Karelia's Culture Ministry, Ekaterina Biktimirova, TASS reported.
With its tall wooden spire and gingerbread exterior, the fairy-tale appearance of Kondopoga's iconic church epitomises the almost fanciful nature of contemporary Karelia.
The North American Finnish immigration to Karelia was known as "Karelian fever" and has attracted attention in recent decades, especially in the Finnish diaspora in the US and Canada and in Finland itself.
By one estimate, 739 people, or about ten percent of all the Finnish North Americans who went to Karelia were executed and only about 5,000 were still there in the late-1930s.
This article steps back from these disputes and argues that the reasons why Soviet Karelia became a dream destination for the migrants were far more complex than is usually imagined.
The transaction will enable Karelia to boost its expertise in iOS development, synchronisation, graphic design and user interface design, while adding Potion Factory's applications to its existing software products portfolio, the buyer said in a press release.
During our field visits to Russian Karelia, we have documented the reality of Ikea's forestry, and it's a far cry from the fine words in their advertising," says Protect the Forest Chairman Viktor Save.
Karelia will use the proceeds from the offering to refinance maturing debt and back its capital expenditures.
Looking at the map in Hiitonen's flora, or in any of the faunistic handbooks of the Vanamo Society in the series Suomen elaimet--Animalia Fennica--and this applies not only to the books of the 1930s and 1940s, but even to works like Rauno Linnavuori's handbook on Finnish Hemipterans, published in the 1960s (Linnavuori 1966-1969)--beyond the Eastern border of Finland, one finds a number of geo-ecological provinces which cover all East Karelia and the Kola peninsula (Map 3).
Finnish precision plastics manufacturer Perlos Corporation said on Friday (30 March) that it has signed a sales agreement regarding parts of its assembly automation business in North Karelia with Mecania Ltd, a Finnish company specialising in production automation.
In North Karelia people are currently taking part in walking weeks, where they are encouraged to record how far they walk on days in September and October
Karelia is bidding to smoke out some new sales with two new budget cigarette launches.
The singer is seen posing for an early publicity shoot for his previous band, The Karelia.