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a member of a Turkic people living near Lake Aral in central Asia

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the Turkic language spoken by the Karakalpak

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10) The variant without umlaut, erik, occurs among other things in Koman (Gronbech 1942: 92), Karakalpak (Baskakov 1967: 14, entry abrikos), Kumyk (Bammatov 1969: 376), Karachay-Balkar (Tenisev and Sujuncev 1989: 770, meaning: 'plum') and Turkish (meaning: 'plum').
In February 2001, a trained technician, under supervision of the Karakalpak Veterinary Authority, collected samples from the same three towns (Nukus, Chimbay, and Kanlikul) in Karakalpakstan where toxicologic investigation of human breast milk and maternal and cord blood had recently been carried out (Ataniyazova et al.
Manas was a Karakalpak, a member of one of Central Asia's least populous peoples.
The first stage encompassed two districts of the Aral Sea disaster zone: the Koshkopir district of Khorazem viloyat of Uzbekistan and the Nukus district of Karakalpak republic.
This links the Gazli gas field, near Bukhara in the central region, to the gas-consuming areas of Khorezm and Karakalpak.
The photo shows the Amu Darya in the Karakalpak area (Uzbekistan), in the lower stretches of its course.
In my opinion, Uzbek literature, or Turkish literature of Turkistan (including Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uighur, Karakalpak, and Turkmen), started as written literature in the seventh century before Christ.
The Center will hold program of opening the roundtable on "issues of preservation and development of Karakalpakstan's traditional crafts" and the practical seminar aimed at strengthening national capacities in the field of traditional Karakalpak crafts, transmission and preservation of traditional skills and knowledge to the next generation, according to organizers.
It paid to translate trafficking awareness posters into the Karakalpak language for those in western Uzbekistan.
In the Aral Sea area, Medecins Sans Frontieres has concentrated on assessing the health priorities of the population, fostering partnerships between universities in the western world and Uzbek and Karakalpak scientists, and characterizing exposure-outcome pathways.
In 1986, some regions of the autonomous region of Karakalpak in Turkmenistan had an infant mortality rate of more than 110 per 1,000 births.
Other Protestant students were expelled in 2004 at Berdah Karakalpak State University.
Fascinated by the culture and people of the steppe, he stayed on after the dig (1950-57), methodically collecting Karakalpak carpets, costumes, jewelry, and other works of art.
Yet the letter also charged that Karakalpak women are forcibly sterilized by government doctors, a practice that has been documented throughout the country.