Kansas River

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a river in northeastern Kansas

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Amendment to the 2000 biological opinion of the operation of the Missouri River main stem reservoir system, operation and maintenance of the Missouri River banks stabilization and navigation project and operation of the Kansas River reservoir system, p.
An iconic dam on the Kansas River provides a template for how the country's 56,000 existing dams could be put to use generating electricity without additional stress on waterways.
Below the Platte, drainage is largely through tributaries of the Kansas River: the Big Blue, and Little Blue rivers in the southeast, and the Republican River in the west.
A ferry shuttled pioneers bound for a new life in the American West across the Kansas River. It was perhaps the first commercial venture in what is now Topeka, the capital of Kansas.
Since heavy rainstorms can produce peak wastewater flows 5 to 10 times greater than flows produced during dry-weather conditions, die Kansas Department of Health and Environment requires that all SSO discharges into the Kansas River must meet National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit limits.
From the headwaters of the Kansas River to the mouth of the Missouri River at St.
My father and uncles hunted for the meat market during the Great Depression, and I was fortunate to grow up on a dairy farm with woodlots and with neighbors who had more woodlots, Creek bottoms, fields, fencerows and the Kansas River were right out my back door.
The explorers saw their first American bison, also known as buffalo, in June 1804 at the mouth of the Kansas River, near today's Missouri/Kansas state border.
About two dozen human bones recently found on gravelly bars of the Kansas River may be the oldest human skeletal remains yet found in the Americas, according to scientists at the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, held in Kansas City last week.
Fishes of the Kansas River system in relation to zoogeography of the Great Plains.
The study area was in the Kansas River Basin, which covers 15.5 million ha in three states.
Black sandshell was a common species in rivers south of the Kansas River in the early 20th century (Scammon, 1906) and relic shells of black sandshell can still be found at sites throughout the Verdigris and Neosho systems (Obermeyer et al., 1997).
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