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a type of submachine gun made in Russia

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He said police recovered 59 Kalashnikovs, six hand grenades, five guns, 227 riffles, 566 riffles, 76 revolver, 1,327 pistols and 11,563 rounds from the accused.
Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov is best known as the producer of the infamous assault rifle, the AK-47.
To greatly oversimplify the argument, Stoner's disciples often credit his rifle platform with being ergonomically superior with more mission-specific flexibility than the AK, while the Kalashnikov crowd touts the ballistic performance of the .
Uzis, Browning shotguns and Kalashnikovs are all up for grabs.
Mikhail Kalashnikov, the Smith and/or Wesson of the 20th century, has died (peacefully) at 94.
22 by the Diyarbakyr 8th High Criminal Court on the 20th anniversary of the incident, just in time to prevent the case from being dropped due to the statute of limitations, contains evidence that the bullet casings claimed to be from a machine gun and three Kalashnikov rifles allegedly used by the PKK in the Lice attack, are in fact from many other guns.
Chivers points out that Kalashnikovs have killed more human beings than any other single weapons family since the end of the Second World War.
Eight plotters were arrested and two Kalashnikovs and ammunition seized.
Police seized arms, including six Kalashnikovs, two pistols, 3,300 ammunitions, seven roadside bombs, four hand grenades and 100 pieces of other weapons.
Russia's Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov said he is already awash with Kalashnikovs but needs a more modern gun, which is still on the drawing board at the brand's Izhevsk plant in central Russia.
For his part, Warrant Officer, Peters Halaweh, said they were on a mission when they were ambushed and fire against them started from Kalashnikovs and Pump action guns; however, they could arrest the terrorists.
when two masked men blocked his way, brandishing Kalashnikovs.
The arsenal includes 33 Kalashnikovs, two rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), a mortar and 1998 Kalashnikov ammunition.
Loyalists and republicans smuggled large quantities of Kalashnikovs into the country throughout the Troubles.
A GROUP of peace campaigners smashed a pile of fake Kalashnikovs in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral to highlight a campaign for tighter gun controls.