Kalaallit Nunaat

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the largest island in the world

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The project has been dubbed Kanumas, an acronym for Kalaallit Nunaat Marine Seismic.
Sponsored by WBCN, Mass High Tech, Middle East, Jamspot, Daddy's Junky Music and fama PR, the night will include special performances from ITA Software's own Wendi Faren, South 16 and Kalaallit Nunaat.
The strong similarities to Siberian shamanism throughout Subarctic North America, to the Innu [Naskapi] in Labrador and Inuit in Kalaallit Nunaat [Greenland] very likely reflect contacts over the past millennium: it should be obvious, from the multitude of data from history and languages, that the closer the similarities, the more recent the contact.
66 each (1) Source: Kalaallit Nunaat Piniartut Aalisartullu Katuffiat (KNAPK) ,
MAP READING: Kalaallit Nunaat, part of North America, is the world's largest island.