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grandson of Queen Victoria and Kaiser of Germany from 1888 to 1918

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At the core of the ongoing fight is the question of what role the Hohenzollerns, whose Kaiser Wilhelm II was instrumental in causing the outbreak of World War I, played when the Nazis came to power.
PINOY STRINGS The Pundaquit Virtuosi with artistic director Alfonso 'Coke' Bolipata, Maestro Ruggiero Barbieri, and Philippine ambassador to Berlin Theresa Dizon-De Vega pose before the historic Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the heart of Berlin (Photo: R.
The post Kaiser Wilhelm's descendant loses bid for return of castle appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
On December 19 last year, Max Mueller and his wife were selling pretzels, mulled wine and baguettes at their booth in the Christmas market near Berlin's Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
That would be Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II, engagingly played by the veteran Christopher Plummer.
This comes as part of Tayeb's visit to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church site in Berlin, Germany where he placed flowers in the car accident site of Shaden M.
In another snap he poses with Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II before the war.
The tree formed part of what became an impressive avenue of trees in the gardens at Kingston Lacy, planted by King Edward VII, Prince Charles and Kaiser Wilhelm II, before the Wellington tree was felled in 2013.
After Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered his soldiers to "exterminate the treacherous English, and walk over General French's contemptible little army"the nickname stuck to those members of the British Expeditionary Force.
The film follows Houdini's rise to fame, from performing on the Coney Island boardwalk to private audiences with Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas II.
In 1858 Vicky had married Frederick III, the son of Germany's leader, Kaiser Wilhelm I, which made Frederick and Vicky's son -- soon to be Kaiser Wilhelm II -- Queen Victoria's grandson.
Kaiser Wilhelm insisted that he be in her show so she shot a cigarette out his mouth.
Tonight, Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm returns from his two week vacation in the Norwegian fjords to discover that Austria hasn't crushed Serbia as he had ordered them to, Russia takes everybody by surprise by mobilising millions of troops, seemingly on a whim, and the German army somehow finds itself in Luxembourg.
In 1920 Kaiser Wilhelm II is looking to take on a militarily-challenged U.S.