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Far right: Pink kagoul by Peter Storm (pounds 14.99).
Within five minutes, a young man, again wearing a kagoul, walked into Lloyds TSB and threatened cashier Deshi Purawal.
Well, it'll make a chance for themto have to wear their kagoul hoods up and tuck a car rug round their knees.
ELEGANT SLUMMING Ben wears red 'faces' tee pounds 24.95; Jane wears, from left to right a black 'equation' tee pounds 22; navy blue 'queens' hoody pounds 39.95 and a white teflon coated kagoul pounds 75.
But if you are a United fan, you could have watched yesterday's game in sunglasses, swimming trunks and a kagoul and you would still have enjoyed it.
Moments after leading his players on to the turf, Collins - who was dressed in a cup final suit cut so sharply it hardly left him room to breathe - turned to his dugout and asked for someone to toss him a Hibs kagoul.
The hen in question walked the streets of Liverpool for an entire Saturday night wearing the kagoul with pictures of her numerous exes pinned to it.
MARRIAGE LINE: All smiles on the Bealeys' wedding day; ANIMAL PASSION: Dedicating their lives to the wildlife centre has rekindled Stephen and Barbara's love for one another; LOVE LYNX: A magnificent cat takes centre stage; 1975; TO WIT TO WOO: Barbara, complete with dodgy 1970s kagoul, makes friends with a European eagle owl and (top) Stephen helps carry a sick deer to the vet; 2001
When last seen, Barry was wearing blue Jasper Conran jeans and a blue kagoul.
Highlight was the sight of Eddie in a purple and shocking pink kagoul which was bound for refugees in Eastern Europe and which happened to be inside the container he was locked inside.
None though, are as bad as the sight on display at Wimbledon, where a 50-year-old in a kagoul, punched the air and let out an ecstatic "Ye-e-e-sss" as Tim Henman held his serve to stay in a first round game against a no-mark ...
But prices were steep with a hooded kagoul, pounds 60; a string vest, pounds 30; and a programme, pounds 12.
I suggest The Phantom of The Bingo, Kazooist On The Roof, Annie Get Your Catapult and, of course, Joseph And His Kagoul.
Naturally you'll find all the kit for the intrepid adventurer including the Kag in a Bag (the kagoul that folds away into its own co-ordinating bag).
After three days of rain, this one-woman heatwave made the steam rise from every male kagoul on Centre Court.