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(Greek mythology) the brother of Europa and traditional founder of Thebes in Boeotia

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Ganesh Chavan, Founder, Kadmus Entertainment happily said, "The versatility and dynamism of the digital world make it one of the most happening space to thrive in currently, we are overwhelmed by the astonishing response from the industry."
Perhaps most ambitiously, Kadmus Theatre Studio, based in Bennington, Vt., is racheting up the stakes of its mystical Poe meditation The Revealed One, which it took to Greece and the Ukraine in August: This month, the group is incorporating actors from those countries into the production, creating a new multilingual version.
to what we might call 'psychodrama.'" That's certainly the approach adopted by Kadmus, whose hermetic piece teems with symbol-laden moments intended to invoke Poe's existential crises: reverent opening and closing processions; a circle of candles that suggests a ring of fire; a wheel that Poe hoists onto his back, with an implicit echo of the Stations of the Cross; lines like "That God may be in all, each must become God." Artistic director Bill Reichblum, who conceived and directed the piece, says the ensemble followed his lead in focusing on Poe's spiritual tumult--an inner conflict Reichblum thinks influenced writings like the cosmos-scrutinizing poem "Eureka."
These TCG/ITI travel grants were awarded by a panel consisting of Faye Allen, producing director of 7 Stages in Atlanta; Bill Reichblum, dean of Bennington College and artistic director of Kadmus Theatre Studio in Bennington, Vt.; and George White, founder of the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Conn., and the American-Soviet Theatre Initiative.
Bill Reichblum is artistic director of the Kadmus Theatre Studio and professor of drama and dramatic literature at Bennington College.