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(Greek mythology) the brother of Europa and traditional founder of Thebes in Boeotia

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A wise old man Kadmos, Pentheus' grandfather, is the therapist:
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The leaders of Sidon, for example, suddenly realized, when it became politically expedient for them to have Greek connections, that they had a special place in Greek myth, as Europa and Kadmos were children of Agenor.
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Evidence that not every Afrikaner enjoyed it or thought it a good choice comes from a letter under the pseudonym "Oracle of Kadmos." (31) The writer implied that only the intelligentsia would have liked the choice of play and insinuated that ordinary people had no taste for such highbrow material.
(42) Like Kadmos and Dionysus himself, Phaedra bridges Asia and Europe, human and god-beast expressed in an incestuous lust that feeds on humans as do the maenads and the Minotaur the fruit of her sister-in-law, Pasiphae's god-sent lust.
Hesiod foreshows such a catalogue in the Theogony: "Semele, daughter of Kadmos, yielded to Zeus's lust, / and she, a mere mortal, is now the divine mother / of the dazzling and deathless god in whom many exult.
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In the role of Kadmos, gravel-voiced Guthrie veteran Ken Ruta managed by sheer vocal mastery to make Cavander's bland prose sound like blank verse.