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a masked dancer during a Pueblo religious ceremony who is thought to embody some particular spirit

a deified spirit of the Pueblo people

a carved doll wearing the costume of a particular Pueblo spirit

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However, eBay has featured two highly collectable ceramic Easter eggs by Kim Vallo, an Acoma artist, and a clown Kachina doll holding and painting an Easter egg by Neil David, Sr.
Begay are listed by jpoomarici123 (March 2, 2009) as makers of"kachinas" In another case, dolls by the "Yazzie Family, master Navajo Indian Kachina carvers" who produce "some of the most luxurious Native American kachina dolls made by Apaches and Navajos that you will ever find" such as "this impressive White Buffalo Doll" are sold through the Windsong4you gallery site (March 13, 2009).
This response led us to ask: Should kachina dolls be taught as art lessons in schools?
Likewise James, the carver of kachina dolls, embodiments of ancestral spirits in wood.
Many had become thoroughly Christianized, and a return to kachina worship was unthinkable.
A recent trip to Arizona afforded me the opportunity to purchase two small kachinas for hands-on use.
When prayers are answered, the kachinas, taking the shape of clouds in the heights of the sacred Peaks, visit the Hopi and their crops.
Today, the church's interior walls bear traditional paintings of kachinas -- sacred figures central to Zuni cultural and spiritual life.
Pueblo Indians and Mediterranean people grew to understand that los santos son las kachinas, las kachinas son los santos.
Kachinas, supernatural beings who live in the neighboring mountains, are represented by masked dancers and small wooden dolls.
There are a number of Hopi Kachinas that regularly appear during the "Katsina season" in Hopi Dances.
The volume features many of Kaplinski's paintings from Sky of the Kachinas (1967) to The Observation Point--Phantom Canyon, Colorado (2004), and photos of the artist.
From mid- December to mid-July, the kachinas perform ancient dances to bring the rain necessary for a good harvest.
The Pueblos make miniature clay pots and kachinas, the Hopi make deerskin drums, and the Apaches weave reed baskets.