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Armenian composer who incorporated oriental folk music (1903-1978)

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Van Horn's script asserts that without the Russian Revolution of 1917, Khachaturian would likely never have traveled to Moscow, where he mixed with the cultural vanguard and found himself at the lead of what was then called "the new Soviet man." But as historian and docu's script consultant Solomon Volkov notes on camera, Kachaturian had to suppress his Armenian music sensibilities while fore-grounding modernist ones.
However,in the 1970s,Aram Kachaturian managed it with the theme from the TV drama The Onedin Line.
The concert starts with the Adagio from his ballet Spartacus,and then moves on to show the variety in Kachaturian's work.
And if that's not enough Kachaturian for you,he is also this week's Composer of the Week on Radio 3 (9am).The series looks at his life,and ends this morning with his failure to avoid official censure in the Soviet Union in 1948.