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the capital and largest city of Afghanistan

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They were killed when two men wearing suicide vests attacked Khan's home in the western Kabul district of Karti Char.
In an exclusive interview, Saif-Allah Jalili, the Taliban commander of the Kabul district, said on Monday that his men have been offered gifts and money by the French soldiers in order to persuade the fighters not to engage their forces.
We are working on a security strategy for the city and if we don't get it right, they (Taliban) can attack at any minute, at any hour, any time," said Commander Muhammad Daud Amin, who in charge of securing Kabul district.
KABUL (PAN): A newly-rehabilitated administrative building for the Kabul district 6th municipality office was inaugurated on Sunday, the European Union Delegation to Afghanistan said.
KABUL(PAN): Residents of Deh Sabz, a Kabul district 16 kilometres east of the Presidential Palace, on Thursday said that they had no access to healthcare centres, asphalted roads or clean drinking water.