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the capital and largest city of Afghanistan

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In the aftermath of the terrorist attack targeting the IMM in Kabul, in which one doctor was killed and others injured, the work of the IMM has been temporarily suspended," he said.
Kabul has recently witnessed a wave of attacks by militants.
Warfare ripped Kabul University after his 1981 escape to the United States.
Kabul is a strange, enchanting, and timeless place, a dusty city filled with beauty, filth, passion and poverty.
Women learn hairdressing in ``The Beauty Academy of Kabul.
In May 2005, DIILS completed a legal seminar in Kabul involving more than fifty military and civilian Afghan leaders focusing on Fiscal, Procurement and Environmental Law.
SUNY-ESF will support a university-to-university exchange for forestry faculty and students with Kabul University and donated 10,000 willows for use as a woody crop for fuel and bio-energy.
The principal finding of our study is that we show, for the first time, the extent of the disease's social impact in Kabul.
When we disembarked at Kabul airport, I felt like crying and kissing the ground, which had such deep connections with my past.
Part of a collection housed in the Kabul Museum, the wooden statues were badly damaged in 2001 on the orders of the Taliban regime.
Just off a busy street in Kabul stands the skeleton of a two story shoe factory with mounds of rubbish piled outside.
NATO troops garrisoning Kabul are duplicating the role of U.
A suspected suicide bomber attacked a bus carrying German peacekeepers through Kabul today, killing at least three soldiers and wounding eight in the deadliest attack on the international force in Afghanistan, US officials said.
The 1000 year old Buddhist Pillar - the 80ft tall Minar-i-Chakari - standing high above the plain of Kabul was built in a wonderfully engineered and sophisticated structure.
PWRDF has also given $25,000 to the ACT Appeal for Afghanistan for basic rehabilitation projects near Kabul, the capital.