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Synonyms for Kabbalism

the doctrines of the Kabbalah

adherence to some extreme traditional theological concept or interpretation

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Uncertain of Lilith's goddess status, although Patai asserts "she became an undoubted goddess in Sumer and the consort of God in Kabbalism" (252), while the rod-andring of this icon clearly indicate its goddess status, the British Museum displays it as "Queen of the Night" (Collon 40).
Belgian theologian van Helmont (1614-99), in his Adumbration Kabbalae Christiana attempted to Christianize the form of Kabbalism taught by 16th-century Palestinian Isaac Luria.
[...] Duncan's own concept of form derives from a syncretic theosophical tradition that includes Neoplatonism, Christian and Jewish kabbalism, and gnosticism, all of which share an emanational vision of creation.
In combining many different elements from Kabbalism to alchemical currents, SECRET HISTORY OF WESTERN SEXUAL MYSTICISM offers up a unique set of cross-connections essential to connecting spirituality with religious history.
Moreover, he mentions a similar phenomenon among practitioners of Judaic mysticism, or Kabbalism. Concerning the latter, he says, "Whereas most Eastern traditions speak of the Kundalini as a heat energy, the Kabbalistic tradition refers to it as 'light.' It is also suggestive that the Kabbalistic rabbis were, by tradition, gifted with psychic powers" (p.
At the beginning of the Sepher Yetzirah (or Book of Creation), a key source for medieval Kabbalism, we learn that God 'engraved His Name in 32 paths'.
Auping says he's uninterested in "complicating Kiefer" and concentrates specifically on the metaphysical content of the work, subordinating detailed analyses of iconography and what he calls the works' "German-ness." (He cites Kiefer's earliest surviving work, The Heavens, 1969, a delicate book, in support of his thesis.) It's a major curatorial gamble that risks diminishing the import of a body of work that for more than thirty years has explored issues of guilt, redemption, identity, and remembrance by synthesizing images from Nazi Germany, Norse mythology, Christianity, and Kabbalism. However, Auping's approach succeeds in actually reinvigorating Kiefer's painting, sculpture, and artist's books.
In his first chapter, Johnston outlines some of the major intellectual and literary sources of the occult tradition, including gnosticism, Kabbalism, Golden Dawn, and theosophy.
Yeats's edition of Blake, and Kabbalism is defined as 'a unique combination of [...] esotericism, mysticism and theosophy'(WD, p.
Though he understands why people look for alternatives, he is not impressed by those who are attracted to Kabbalism, a mystical offshoot of Judaism, because Madonna practises it.
Scholem believes that the unknown author of the Zohar drew freely from the writings "published by the school of Kabbalists whose center was the little Catalon town of Gerona," and that this group "did more to unify and consolidate what was pregnant and living in the Kabbalism of Spain." This resulted largely from the writings of Ezra Ben Solomon, Azriel, and Nachmanides, who was the leading figure in the group.
Prince Hall's initiation into Freemasonry in 1775 admitted him to a parallel universe where Hermeticism, Egyptophilia, and Kabbalism flourished alongside, if not intertwined with, Enlightenment rationalism.
Inspired by the interest in Kabbalism of their teachers, the Christian scholars hoped for a conversion of the Jews which was generally accepted as a precondition for the second coming of Christ and the establishment of the New Jeruzalem of Revelation 21.2 Esdras served from time to time to focus interest on the Jews in a contemporary context.
Specific Gnostic traditions such as Pythagorean numerology and Kabbalism inform the novel's premise, ideas, and structure.