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Synonyms for Kabbalism

the doctrines of the Kabbalah

adherence to some extreme traditional theological concept or interpretation

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In his first chapter, Johnston outlines some of the major intellectual and literary sources of the occult tradition, including gnosticism, Kabbalism, Golden Dawn, and theosophy.
Yeats's edition of Blake, and Kabbalism is defined as 'a unique combination of [.
Though he understands why people look for alternatives, he is not impressed by those who are attracted to Kabbalism, a mystical offshoot of Judaism, because Madonna practises it.
Scholem believes that the unknown author of the Zohar drew freely from the writings "published by the school of Kabbalists whose center was the little Catalon town of Gerona," and that this group "did more to unify and consolidate what was pregnant and living in the Kabbalism of Spain.
Prince Hall's initiation into Freemasonry in 1775 admitted him to a parallel universe where Hermeticism, Egyptophilia, and Kabbalism flourished alongside, if not intertwined with, Enlightenment rationalism.
Inspired by the interest in Kabbalism of their teachers, the Christian scholars hoped for a conversion of the Jews which was generally accepted as a precondition for the second coming of Christ and the establishment of the New Jeruzalem of Revelation 21.
Specific Gnostic traditions such as Pythagorean numerology and Kabbalism inform the novel's premise, ideas, and structure.
12) Yet just as Sabbatianism was heavily informed by traditional, if not by specifically Lurianic, Kabbalism, it almost certainly absorbed influences from sufism, as well.
In the vision of their book, all images of women in prehistoric Europe, for example, are part of the myth of the mother goddess, and everything can be interpreted this way - from earliest Palaeolithic carvings, through ancient Egyptian and Sumerian religions, the Old Testament, the place of the Virgin in Christian belief, to aspects of medieval Kabbalism.
I interpret Borges's approach to Kabbalism as less optimistic that order maybe found or restored through such inquiry.
The origins of Moses, passing and assimilation, the legend of the golem, the Diaspora, Kabbalism, the history of Israel, the Holocaust, Old Testament scriptures, and former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion are just some of the facets of Jewish experience that have gone into the construction of superheroes.
McClelland, a retired teacher and Zen dharma master, leads readers on guided tour of non-earthly realms and their residents in this reference on ancient and modern concepts of karma and reincarnation from cultures and religious sects around the world, from ancient Egypt and Australian aboriginal beliefs through Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Gnosticism, Kabbalism, and new age groups.