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Synonyms for kabbalah

an esoteric or occult matter resembling the Kabbalah that is traditionally secret

an esoteric theosophy of rabbinical origin based on the Hebrew scriptures and developed between the 7th and 18th centuries

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Kaballah maintains that when human beings live ethical lives, following the mitzot (or commandments), with the proper intention and understanding, we have the power to redirect the flow of divine energy.
When I teach kaballah and yoga together, students ask: Did the kaballahists and yogis of old ever entwine these traditions?
"Forget Scientology or Kaballah. This is the religion to be in now.
What is new is the link between this thought and a range of ideas, from the meaning of the Mayan Calendar and the Kaballah to the Pyramids and Atlantis.
And then came the Judge's charge, and all this complicated research into the Bible, the Talmud, the Kaballah, the Zohar, proved to be irrelevant ....
Paparazzi gather outside the Kaballah Centre in Beverly Hills, waiting for Madonna to appear.
I read the article which said this learned Rabbi had moved here and was teaching Kaballah classes.
Madge looked glum on the eve of her big day as film director Guy drove her from a Kaballah blessing.
Recent deals include the $9.3 million sale of the Kaballah Center at 152 East 55th Street for $9.3 million to a hotel operator.
All these discussions are exemplary in detail and in careful scholarship: Maillard's contribution is especially noteworthy in its specificity as well as its broad view of the use of the Kaballah, or the lack of it, by various humanist reformers.
But don't worry, my nefesh will be around to advise you when you have important decisions to make." She had summarized, in one sentence, the polypsychist spiritualism of the Kaballah with its fine distinctions between the neshamah, the soul that came from and later returns to heaven, the ruah, the spirit that stays with the body, and the nefesh, the roving soul that communicates with the living.
Informed, informative, and highly recommended reading for anyone with an interest in Judaic mysticism, metaphysics, and personal spiritual development, "Kabbalah, Science And The Meaning of Life" is particularly accessible and appropriate for the non-specialist general reader, while holding immense interest and value for dedicated and experienced students of the kaballah as well.
In Spain, Rabbi Isaac Luria, a Jewish scholar and founder of one of the most important branches of Kaballah, wrote he was a descendant.
Red Bull is the leading energy drink, he says, but adds that many new brands are being introduced, citing Kaballah and Rockstar.
MOST A-listers are fervent followers of Kaballah or Buddhism, but C4 Lost survivor Dominic Monaghan, the island's resident reformed druggie Charlie, has a very different "god" - John Lennon.