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(Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine

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In mitigation, Andrew Nuttall explained that Kabah had been through a difficult time.
The Qurayshis were the most closest to the Kabah and related to the account of the offices of Sidanah and Siqayah.
Con relacion a la abundancia, el numero de individuos capturado en Kabah representa mas del 60% de la captura total de murcielagos en el estudio.
As years passed by original function of worshiping of Allah faded away and the Kabah was filled with Idols.
Yet such centers as Old Chichen (so named to differentiate from Chichen Itza of the Toltec-influenced Post-Classic period), Uxmal, and Kabah. among others, were built on the peninsula.
Over a period of four days, several complex rituals must be performed while walking around the sacred space of the Kabah, the cubic temple said to have been built by Abraham.
Other partially excavated Mayan cities, to the west, like Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil and Labna are breath-taking in their appeal, but none can compare to Chichen Itza.
Mamar al-Jumahi, who immediately went to Quraysh in their assembly at the Kabah, crying out: Ibn al-Khattab qad sabaa.
Labna is best known for its ornate corbel arch (a false arch that is one of the defining characteristics of Mayan architecture), which 19th-century explorer John Lloyd Stephens justly praised for "its beauty of proportions and grace of ornament." Work at Kabah has focused on the Palace of the Masks, elaborately decorated with 400 masks of the long-snouted Mayan rain god, Chac.
Other previously excavated centers of Mayan civilization, such as Chichen Itza, Monte Alban, Kabah, Palenque, and Tikal, show how the structures of these city-states reflect their citizens' particular religion, culture, and stylistic differences.
Mariam Kabah was behind the wheel of a Nissan Juke when it crashed into families who had been celebrating the Eid festival in the West End of Newcastle.
The building, known as "Keyi Rubath," was built 136 years ago by Mayankutty, a member of the Keyi family, as a place where pilgrims could rest near the Kabah in Makkah.
Its insignia or emblem was a badge upon which was inscribed: hajr-e-aswad (the black sacred stone at the Kabah) in the centre, and the white and black flags on its sides.