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cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables

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Ongoing until August 31, users can collect a pair of electronic stamp card stickers with no minimum purchase requirement from the following merchants: McDonald's, Chatime, Bonchon, Bully Buffalo Wing Bar, Chatime, Cha Tuk Chak, Ersao, Happy Lemon, Mister Kabab and Pizza Hut.
In Bab Al-Qasr we were served kabab, chicken shawarma, and grape leaves rolls stuffed with rice, which were the plates we liked the most.
The Chapli Kabab is of one the greatest meat foods I have ever come across in the world.
Turkish mix grill platter The first one was a mixed platter of chicken malai, chicken pudina, chicken reshmi kabab, mutton tikka, mutton kababs, tandoori fish and prawns, paneer tikka, and crispy vegetable.
Two generations of a Pakistani family run a kabab shop tucked away in the side of a building.
Your daily commute just got cheaper than your next bun kabab.
And we obliged by ordering something a little out of the ordinary--the khash khash kabab.
Old favourites including The Pantry, Desi Gali, Wing It, Bond Street Waffles and Chapli Kabab House are returning this year.
My fondest memories of Burns Road are of the time when I would accompany my aunts, Wahaed Kabab uncles, parents and cousins to Karachi Haleem, Zahid Nihari or the other plethora of eateries that lined the road.
After a few minutes, a juicy and well-seasoned mixed grill was placed in front of us along with kabab bil laban (which is minced beef in yoghurt sauce) to be eaten with vermicelli rice.
If yes, then get ready to take a walk down the enriched past, and witness the hidden treasures come alive at the 'The Great Kabab Factory'.
Macaron chaat presented in a miniature cycle rickshaw Image Credit: Abhishek Sengupta/XPRESS Laban Ricotta Kabab Image Credit: Supplied
Sourcing quality ingredients, the elegant restaurant Cafe Blanc is offering special delicacies, which include sumptuous Arabic treats, a combination of aromatic, Mediterranean and international dishes, such as cold and hot mezzes, kabab, kharouf mehshe, with the spellbinding ambience, only at Dh110 ($29.9) per person.
Chelo-Kabab is a simple but delicious meal cooked of saffroned Persian rice and kabab that you can easily find it across the country but those located in downtown Tehran , particularly at the Grand Bazaar, are the most advised ones to test.
Kabab Karaz-Venison & Sour Cherry Nests I've strayed from tradition here, as kebab karaz, as it's known in Syria, is usually made with veal or lamb served on Arabic bread.