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an offensive and insulting term for any Black African

a member of the Kafir people in northeastern Afghanistan

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As she attended the special screening of her series, the 37-year old opened up about the challenges she faced while shooting for 'Kaafir'.
She was talking to us about her latest digital series Kaafir, which premieres today.
'It's a historical drama and co-incidentally it is written by Bhavani Iyer who has also scripted Kaafir,' she said.
His notable TV work as an actor includes Mehndi (drama), Doraha (TV series), 'Kabhi Pyar Mein', Kaafir (TV series), Uraan, 'Hum Se Juda Na Hona' 'Ladies Park',and 'Dillagi' .
Another woman, who watched a different beheading video, wrote: "I was happy to see the beheading of that kaafir (non-believer), I just rewinded to the cutting part," before calling for "more beheadings please!", according to the study.
And in another on the social network site, an image of a bloody hand had numerous sick jokey comments in English about how the man in the image has just killed a "kaafir" or infidel.
This proves that a kaafir, Abu Lahab, was happy on the day of the birth of the Prophet and was rewarded by having his punishment reduced.
"The scholars of Islam are unanimously agreed that whoever supports the kaafirs against the Muslims and helps them in any way is a kaafir like them," it continues.
But when it comes to the struggle, to liberate our lands, when it comes to raise the banner of Tawhid, when it comes to shake the Firaun [Pharaoh] of our time, then we are just like the kaafir. Our ambition to be like the kaafir, to behave like the kaafir, to speak like the kaafir, dress like the kaafir, to die like the kaafir.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra), June 15 (ANI): Actor Dia Mirza along with an array of stars attended the special screening of her web series 'Kaafir' on Friday.
Mirza, who plays a Pakistani woman in the web series 'Kaafir', was speaking at the show's launch in Mumbai.
Premiering on 15 th June is the ZEE5 Original series Kaafir starring Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina.
The Muslim, however, cannot declare that a particular person who is committing Kufr is a Kaafir (disbeliever), unless he establishes evidence (Hujjah) on the doer (in fact declaring anyone a kaafir should be left to the scholars and not easily declared of any individual).
Other important acting projects of Affan Waheed include 'Dastaan', a mega serial based on Partition, 'Aik Pal' in which he presented a soft side of religion, 'Kaafir' based on a number of taboo topics, 'Neelum Kinare', an Amna Mufti serial shot in the northern areas of Pakistan, and 'Apna Khana Khud Garam Karo', a telefilm relevant to the modern times.
Recent sectarian violence in Rawalpindi and its aftershocks on social media could be indicated that what was going on "share a post calling any sect "kaafir" and then bestowing fatwas on each other referencing Holy Hadiths and Verses of Holy Quran.