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(Islam) a black stone building in Mecca that is shaped like a cube and that is the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine

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Misclassified pixels (typically associated with lake ice and seasonal snow cover) were manually corrected using on-screen digitization (e.g., Kaab, 2005; Pellikka and Rees, 2009).
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.50 Kaab, 2.20 Dorset Cream, 2.50 Asyad (nb), 3.20 Soul Instinct, 3.50 Green Howard, 4.20 Size, 4.50 Resonare, 5.20 Nelina.
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The sheikh said that the practice began after Kaab ibn Zuhair, a poet who lived during the era of the Prophet, recited a poem praising him.
Furthermore, almost all ritual roles are referred to by a Chinese loan-word: mej koob (meigong) "go-between"; nyaag (niang) "daughter-in-law"; pes (bai) "to kowtow"; phij laaj (pinlang) "best man"; kaav cawv (guanjiu) "butler who has charge of the alcohol", kaav xwm (guanshi) "overseer"; tshwj kaab (chuguan) "in charge of cooking" and if for the bride price, they use a (H)mong word, the dowry is called by a Chinese word: pob phij (baopin) in Mong and phij cuam (pinja) in Hmong.
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Al Ahwaz came to be known as the semi-autonomous region of 'Arabistan' towards the end of the 16th century, when it received an influx of Arab tribes from southern Iraq as well as a clan of the powerful Bani Kaab, whose origins lie in Central Arabia.
Bid bond: N/A, Fee: N/A Details: Sipex Libyan Branch, Kaab Ibn Malek Street, Bin Ashur area, Tripoli.
At the second cycle schools, Kaab in Zaid school for basic education came first for the 'Student Affairs Management 'project.
The silver medalists too were Mohammad-Mehdi Jaafari Yeganeh (66kg FS), Mohsen Kazemi (96kg FS), Amir Kaab Omeir (50kg GR), Kamal Mohammad Alizadeh (74kg GR), with the bronze medal winners being Mohammad Yousefi (66kg FS), Amir Mohammadi (84kg FS) and Mojtaba Mamizadeh (96kg GR).