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an unstable meson produced as the result of a high-energy particle collision

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In this diagram, the anti-s-quark, [bar.s], in the K meson changes to an anti-up-type quark (such as a U, [bar.c] and [bar.t] quark) by emitting a [W.sup.+] boson.
Present work is devoted to the calculation of the strong coupling constants of negative parity heavy baryons with pseudoscalar [pi] and K mesons within the light cone QCD sum rules (LCSR) (see, e.g., [4]).
A Monte Carlo simulation was produced to better understand CLAS's backward angle detection of K mesons produced from the phi meson photoproduction process.
Sited at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois, the so-called KTeV experiment generates short-lived particles called neutral K mesons, or kaons.
This disparity, called the charge-parity (CP) violation, first became apparent in 1964 among particles known as K mesons. After that discovery, some theorists proposed that this type of disparity may solve a cosmic mystery: How is it that the universe is almost solely made of matter even though it theoretically burst into being with equal shares of matter and antimatter?
Physicists discovered nearly 40 years ago that matter and antimatter versions of so-called K mesons decay slightly differently, a disparity called charge-parity, or CP, violation (SN: 3/6/99, p.