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peninsula in northern Europe that forms the continental part of Denmark and a northern part of Germany

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Now, Jyllands Park Zoo wants to kill yet another giraffe also named Marius," the (https://www.change.org/petitions/jyllands-park-zoo-spare-the-life-of-marius-the-giraffe-at-jyllands-park-zoo) petition written by Ryan Greye reads.
The story in her latest novel (now in its third printing) concerns a young doctor who purchases a practice in a small village in Jylland. He has become disenchanted with anonymous urban life, wanting a rural life where everyone knows everyone.
In Ebeltoft - also about 30 minutes from Aarhus - is the restored 19th century warship Fregatten Jylland sitting proudly in the harbour.
In the gusty, bitingly cold Ebeltoft harbor was the historic frigate Jylland, a sailing ship with three masts.
In northern Jylland, Norstral Minerals Ltd achieved a concessionary contract with the National Agency for Nature and Forests for heavy mineral exploration in an ancient raised beach ridge system of some 20 [km.sup.2].
SP Moulding will move the production from Skive, on the Jutland (Jylland) peninsula, to its facilities in Stoholm, Juelsminde, also on the peninsula, and Poland.
1 June 2010 - Swedish group NCC AB (STO: NCC B) said today that it will construct the first phase of a multimedia building at Aarhus Harbor on the Danish Jutland (Jylland) peninsula, in a deal worth some SEK500m.
Foroya Banki will acquire all assets and liabilities in nine of Sparbank's branches on Jutland (Jylland) peninsula and on Funen (Fyn) island, and in three branches in Greenland, which have combined deposits of DKK3.6bn and loans and advances of DKK3.9bn.
Calamus is based in Aulum in the western part of the Jutland (Jylland) peninsula and has offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.
In 2005, the Danish paper Jylland Posten angered the whole Muslim world by publishing offensive cartoons, ridiculing Prophet Muhammad.
31 August 2010 - Danish property developer TK Development A/S (CPH: TKDV) said today that it has taken over a 5,400 sq metre project in Trojborgvej in Aarhus, on the Jutland (Jylland) peninsula and has sold two retail parks in operation totalling 3,900 sq m.
Miller was training his well-known wry humor on the controversy surrounding the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad originally published in the Danish newspaper Jylland Posten last September that have outraged Muslims worldwide, sparking violent riots that resulted in several deaths.
They demanded an apology from the Danish government over a series of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that appeared in the newspaper Jylland Posten in September.