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one of the major dialects of Old English


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Even the very name, Hamlet, constitutes controversy in itself, occurring from 10th century Jutish Amlethoe, then as Amlethus of Saxo.
(Roquefort's 'laddish' career is mentioned only in passing!) One other essay has a Scandinavian association: Hans Frede Nielsen brings linguistic artillery to bear on refuting the notion of a special link between English and the Jutish dialect.
Some of the pottery vessels and jewellery show strong affinities with continental examples, in some cases from as far north as Jutland, suggesting that the cemetery belonged to a local Jutish community, one of several that, according to Bede, had occupied the region around the Solent and the New Forest.
in a royal Saxon residence near the modern town of Wantage in Oxfordshire, the youngest of five surviving children of remarkably pious parents, King Ethelwulf and his Jutish Queen, Osburh.
When a bitter Hengest--having lost his lord, Hnaef, in a storm of Frisian and Jutish terror--accepts and then wields a retributive sword, he disentangles the Half-Danes from their winter alliance with Finn (Hnaef's slayer, in effect).