Justinian the Great

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Byzantine emperor who held the eastern frontier of his empire against the Persians

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King Alfred was a great lawgiver, recasting and codifying the laws of his kingdom, much in the manner of Justinian the Great who revised and codified Roman Law.
And finally, the absolute empire, the Dominate, the period of legislation by Imperial Decree under the military emperors from Constantine (died 337 CE) to Justinian the Great (died 565 CE)
It's an enormous, eerie and extremely whiffy underground reservoir, brainchild of the ambitious Emperor Justinian the Great in 532AD.
Vasiliev, Alexander Alexandrovich, Justin the First: An Introduction to the Epoch of Justinian the Great. Cambridge, Mass., 1950.
(called Justinian the Great, full Latin name Flavius Anicius Justinianus; 483 - 565) Emperor of the Byzantine Empire (527 - 565) during its most brilliant period.