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Just-in-time marketing is "focused on creating only marketing content that's needed, when it's needed, and attuning it to the needs of interested consumers exactly when they are in the buying mood," the report said.
With just-in-time, you are taking out all of the waste.
Industry's solution was to implement the just-in-time logistics model.
5 million system was the first of its kind to be used for material handling at a metalcasting facility, and with the system, the firm was able to make a conscientious shift to just-in-time manufacturing.
Members receive just-in-time, confidential advice on career/political/leadership issues from a highly competent team.
A just-in-time concept of support is one approach that can be used to deliver combat capability through logistics.
Another benefit of consolidating client storage is the ability to implement a just-in-time storage capacity policy.
Just-in-time shipments--in which supplies don't arrive at the facility until they are needed--can further ease storage concerns.
Just-In-Time systems are found in many manufacturing industries.
Greater use of mechanical pulp, increasing whitewater closure, and just-in-time chip delivery have increased the potential for severe pitch outbreaks.
What, has complicated matters on the transportation side has been the move by many consuming mills toward a just-in-time inventory process, which typically favors trucks.
Often, just-in-time health care demands immediate and frequent communication between all personnel providing care for each patient.
With the economy necessitating lean manufacturing and just-in-time market strategies, the company has released CureBuilder software.
Just-in-time decisions need just-in-time availability of efficient infrastructure--both real and virtual.