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at the last possible moment

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Although the firm has had success with its foundry-only operation in Karhula, Finland, it realized it had to reduce lead times and "wow" potential customers with just-in-time delivery to expand manufacturing to the U.
know your tolerance for risk - In restructured, open-access electricity markets, the price volatility risk can rest in several places and because of the just-in-time delivery nature of electricity, may be much greater.
The development of just-in-time delivery, lead production techniques, early manufacturing involvement, time-based competition, cross-functional teams, and a host of other techniques has honed proces flexibility and responsiveness--and therefore optimized the ability to increase variety without significant jumps in costs.
The joint venture's services will include specialty painting of wheels, tire mounting and line sequencing of the tire/wheel assemblies for just-in-time delivery to the plants.
Hasbro worked with FedEx to employ a just-in-time delivery schedule to retailers to ensure the landmarks and their location on the board--including the identity of the new "Boardwalk" space--remain a secret up until the Sept.
The company offers a full array of services that can be mixed and matched according to customer need, including hardware and operating system consultation and design, manufacturing, quality assurance, warehousing/inventory management, just-in-time delivery, domestic and international shipping, and remote product upgrades.
Tentoe product merchandising solutions deliver a highly interactive shopping experience at the point of purchase, the product page, through powerful content transformation tools, just-in-time delivery and real-time analytics.
With locations in California, Pennsylvania and Colorado, VSMPO-Tirus, US houses sales personnel and stocks product manufactured in Russia to perform local just-in-time delivery services to meet customer expectations throughout North America.
Sky IT Group can customize an apparel manufacturer's desktop to tell him or her just that -- or how yesterday's shipments will affect year-to-date profit goals -- or what's in stock this very moment for just-in-time delivery to a key customer.
The facility located near the Tainan Science Park will offer technical support as well as just-in-time delivery of such products as silane, ammonia, phosphine, arsine, and nitrogen triflouride.
employs digital ink-jet printing, which is adaptable to the demands for variable information, customization, quick-response and just-in-time delivery.
According to Aberdeen's survey of more than 60 process manufacturers, the key business challenges facing them today include responding to major retailer mandates for just-in-time delivery that requires improved forecasting; the need to take advantage of opportunistic selling that requires ramping-up quickly; and finally, downward pricing pressure from offshore competitors.
When CBSA reports low wait times they're able to also say the border's properly managed and their employees are not that unhappy, that staffing levels are fine and that Canadians have no reason to complain about delays, that the flow of trade for commerce is unimpeded and just-in-time delivery of goods for importers and exporters is humming along, and that there's enough of the right staff; in short, that the illusion of 'all's well' can continue.