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if there happens to be need


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In the future, we will not show up for work just-in-case we need to be there.
A less obvious but important benefit utilizing Just-In-Case is the national gain in the value of inventory.
This will address the current logistics situation, in which the Army operates under a just-in-case requisitioning mentality with no perceived budget constraints.
The traditional approach to logistics--which was used during Operation Desert Storm and earlier--was just-in-case logistics.
There may be a short-term build up of inventory, but in these tough times there's just too much pressure to cut costs to carry just-in-case inventory.
This is encouragement for the librarian to place just-in-case assistance for just-in-time help, leading to better use of the catalog.
We would either have so much space that we had room to keep everything we needed and all the things we didn't need as well, or we would have perfected the art of minimalistic living to such a degree that we needed no place to hide our just-in-case items and memorabilia.
Like the FBCI pages, the orientation pages are divided into themes or categories of questions and provide both just-in-time information and links to additional just-in-case instruction.
Livingston is in the process of shoring up her just-in-case fund.
Now, I wish we'd won the coin flip,'' the Crescenta Valley coach said of the just-in-case coin flip that awarded Muir top seeding, Arcadia second and the Falcons third for playoff purposes in the event of a three-way league tie.
For users of just-in-case stockage, the quest for a part usually begins with an attempt to get the item from another in-theater unit that may be stocking it against some future need, may already have traded the part with another unit, or may have misplaced it, which results in a search.
Key to their success is the fact that they are already leveraging a combination of organization, process and technology to provide just-in-time -- rather than just-in-case -- delivery of critical information to decision-makers.
The most notable of these has been characterized as "just-in-time versus just-in-case.
And the parts support philosophy is not only just-in-time, it's also just-in-case.
Currie led exploration teams to discovery of the Centenary, Just-In-Case (Wallaby), Plutonic 123 and Panglo Gold Deposits in Western Australia and participated in discovery of the Siguiri Gold Deposit in Guinea, West Africa.