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a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society

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Entretanto, apenas esconde o problema da autonomia do jus gentium positivo face ao jus naturale e ao jus civile e ainda cria outro: o de uma subdivisao desnecessaria.
Third and last, it should be noted that jus, as in jus naturale, is often translated as natural law.
In the latter case, innate subjective rights generate duties rather than the converse, as in the traditional jus naturale. Such worries, however, detract little from R.'s splendid book which merits a wide and appreciative audience.
As interpreted by the Roman jurisconsult, and later by the medieval Schoolmen and Canonists - Thomas Aquinas especially - the legacy of the classical jus naturale endured with little challenge until the 17th century.
A second model present in Jewish approaches to bioethics is more closely akin to the concept of jus naturale. It asserts that certain basic moral norms can be held in common by all rational persons and can thus function as a foundation for a common life together.