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suggestive of a statue


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Like a librarian, a tall, Junoesque woman with glasses and fading blond hair showed me in and had me sign a ledger.
Junoesque comes from Juno, wife of Jupiter (or Jove), the Roman equivalent of Zeus.
This was before Wilson's second marriage, to the Junoesque Washington jeweller's widow, Edith Bolling Galt, who resented House and eventually succeeded in bringing about a tragic breach between the two men.
So I take the strain for brides by having a vast array of gowns and accessories from leading designers under the one roof,and I stock gowns up to size 26 for the more Junoesque,'' says Diane, 37.
During an early Berchtesgaden visit the blonde Junoesque wife of his pension host so inflamed Hitler that he gasped and whistled in his breath, sucked his fingers, and strode back and forth before her, beating his thigh with his whip as he declaimed about the moral depravity of the Berlin Jews and his wish to flail them like Jesus driving the money changers from the temple.
Away We Go (15) Sam Mendes' funny, heartwarmingly tender Junoesque road trip dramady as an expectant couple search for the perfect place to live and discover what home truly means.
It took her just 14 weeks to lose 35lbs and, unlike other very restrictive plans, she has kept the weight off for two years, reducing from a Junoesque size 16/18 to a petite 8/10.
The Junoesque Krause is not perceived as either a Rossini heroine, although the bel canto sits well on her voice, or as a likely candidate for a trouser role.
The Junoesque Tessa Dahl has been strutting her size 16 stuff on the catwalk, although she is in danger of looking simply freakish rather than being a trailblazer for bigger women.