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a private place of education for the young

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a theological school for training ministers or priests or rabbis

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Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary School, which is linked to the Anglican Church, is apparently one of the best and most expensive in Lagos state and most of the students are children of politicians or wealthy families.
He said Mass below decks onboard his steamship for crew members, finding himself briefly "a missionary again." Visits to the junior seminary and other White Father houses showed his confreres how exhausted he was; he once slept for thirty hours straight.
He attended local schools before entering the La Salette Junior Seminary in Enfield, N.H., in 1945.
The sale of the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center, a former junior seminary once used as the church's headquarters, was supposed to pay the church's portion.
But to the congregation that gathered for his funeral mass he was best known as the parish priest of St Thomas More in Styvechale and the former headmaster of the Cotton College junior seminary in Staf-f fordshire.
In these memoirs of his childhood--a working-class London family without a father--his main concern is with his time at the junior seminary where he was meant to begin his training for the priesthood.
The diocese of Masasi, Tanzania, for example, needs an individual to head the English department of its junior seminary in Lindi.
He attended a junior seminary between the ages of 11 and 24 and planned to become a missionary priest.
He spent seven years at Upholland Junior Seminary, in Upholland, before heading to university in Bangor, in North Wales reading for joint honours in French and Latin.
The instructor has been linked with allegations of sexual assault since his days as a teacher at a junior seminary for high school boys in the early 1970s.
Throughout the film Doyle fuses an archetypical Canadian ambivalence about technology with surgical strike parodies of the Catholic church (he was raised Catholic, and was in the junior seminary for five years) as an institution that is in the business, much like CNN, of peddling illusions.
The Mirfield Junior Seminary in Mirfield run by the Verona Fathers where |Kevin Scullin, above right, claims he was sexually abused in the late 1960s
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