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any of various large usually brown North American leaf-eating beetles common in late spring

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They're no less compelled than June bugs are in their attraction to light.
Throughout the day, the crowd milled about the potato field, hoping the mysterious June Bug might make an appearance.
1, 011, 106 describes a machine similar to Curtiss's June Bug.
After resting Big Momma on her knees with her head hung over the side of the tub, Miss Beets told June Bug to let her stay like that for a while.
Imagine you're posing on a beach somewhere exotic and slowly quaff your June Bug.
An ultralight tent like the Sierra Design's Flashlight II and North Face June Bug will weigh three pounds, nine ounces and four pounds, four ounces, respectively -- half the weight of a conventional tent.
It's still a fractal antenna whether it's on a PDA, a wireless water meter, or an electronically souped-up June bug, and care must be exercised to avoid applying our technology and/or using our copyrights without permission or compensation.
Photography was provided by Nadia Huerta (cousin of the bride) with June Bug Company of Dallas, Texas.
Color preferences range from june bug, black-blue, black neon, to more natural variations like green-pumpkin.
bodies became heavy with sleep, or a lazy june bug would grace the
Jemma shops at Top Shop and River Island and her favourite drink is a June Bug - a banana and coconut cocktail.
June Bug, our bantie Cochin hen, follows me around like a puppy and is so jealous that she pecks my ankles whenever I hold another girl.
Then the very next day June Bug himself, whom I had never met, called me with the most elated response I have ever had to one of my paintings: "My sister told me it was up," he said, "and morning could not come soon enough for me to see it.
June Bug Also called May beetles, these relatively large, stout beetles are most often encountered in May and June, buzzing around lights or banging against screens and windows.
Democrats jumped on the figures like a duck on a June bug.