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a folding seat in an automobile

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Passengers are not allowed to sit in the cockpit jumpseat or board a plane without a ticket or boarding card.
With his stepfather in a jumpseat between the pilots so he could help guide them, the rest of the family piled onto bench seats, stowing Yesterday the white Lab and Jake the Collie beneath them.
All 56 passengers, five crewmembers and one jumpseat rider were evacuated following standard emergency procedures using the aircraft's slides and stairs.
With seating for up to 12 passengers, including an optional crew jumpseat, the Citation Longitude features a stand-up, flat-floor cabin with a standard double-club configuration, allowing the most legroom in the super-midsize class.
With three-abreast seating in the stern, a jumpseat in front of the console and a double-wide helm seat, you have posterior parking space for 10 people, the maximum occupancy for this 21-foot, 4-inch boat.
Intercom system for use in the engines and ambulances consist of (1) Master Station, radio cable, (1) wireless headset with base, adapter cable, (1) radio transmit headset, (2) intercom only headsets, and (1) jumpseat station.