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In charge of it was the lean, grizzled, leatherskinned Sir Jules de Vac, and it was he whom Henry commanded to face him in mimic combat with the foils, for the King wished to go with hammer and tongs at someone to vent his suppressed rage.
All the bearing that the life of Jules de Vac has upon the history of England hinges upon but two of his many attributes --his wonderful swordsmanship and his fearful hatred for his adopted country.
le Vicomte Raoul Auguste Jules de Bragelonne, son of M.
Lockhart's latest novel opens in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where 18-year-old Jule West Williams is spending a month at a luxury resort.
Things fall apart and the center cannot hold when one transitions in and out of a rainbow array of wigs and disguises like Jule does.
MIKE and Jules Peters are the Charity Champion Citizens.
Jules Ember lives in Sempera, a land where time and blood are bonded into currency.
Jules and her father worked there previously, but an incident between Jules and two brothers, Liam and Roan, made them flee.
Contract notice: Design and construction contract for the rehabilitation of 220 dwellings in trappes (78190) - jules vdrines residence - 4 square jules vedrines.
The Dyserth-born Alarm frontman was joined by his wife Jules, herself fighting cancer, and their sons Evan and Dylan for the five mile walk from Llanberis to the summit.
Bath Shower WELSH rock couple Mike and Jules Peters have opened up on the life-changing journey Jules has faced with breast cancer.
Ten years after, Brockmire returned to the US after Jules (Amanda Peet) offered him a job as a public-address announcer for Morristown's Minor League baseball team called the Frackers.
From then on the story is told from the alternating point of view of Jules and Senna, the fox kit.
Jules Farrelly, 17, from Bebington, was on a family holiday to Bangkok when he exper-ienced the violent nightmare.
In a frank interview, mum Jules tells of Ollie's struggles growing up - and how she spent his first year unable to feel love for her son, through fear of his misshapen looks.