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a method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japan

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CAGED BEAST: Etim The mil-mannered Muay Thai and Jui Jitsu specialist is one of the nicest but quietest men you would ever meet outside of the gym and stick a dictaphone under his nose and he's a bag of nerves.
It will feature hundreds of competitors from all over the world, who'll be vying for titles in kickboxing, submission wrestling, Brazilian jui jitsu, and modern wushu.
In his early training days he met one of the world's most respected Brazilian Jui Jitsu fighters, Crezio de Souza.
The champion was so impressed with the 26-year-old's determination he took him on and trained him for two years in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, one of the main arts involved in MMA.
Mikal Abdulla w/ AJJC - Providing free demonstrations and explanation of the health benefits of Jui Jitsu.
A FORMER West Derby man has made sporting history along with three others by becoming Australia's first ever Jui Jitsu World Champions in Brazil.