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Conservation status of a threatened tree species: establishing a baseline for restoration of Juglans cinerea L.
The hypoglycemic effect of Juglans regia leaves aqueous extract in diabetic patients: A first human trial.
Common to abundant trees included Acer nigrum, Celtis occidentalis, Juglans nigra, and Ulmus americana.
Bud structure in relation to shoot morphology and position on the vegetative annual shoots of Juglans regia L.
Thus, the present study aimed at comparing the methods of solvent extraction and extraction by pressing of oils from the nuts Juglans regia and Carya illinoensis, to elucidate their influence on the profile of fatty acids, tocopherols, phytosterols, carotenoids, and phenolic compounds.
FAMILY NAME: Juglans nigra of the Family Juglandaceae
Walnuts are any nuts grown on trees in the genus Juglans.
En el fragmento La Esmeralda se encontro un mayor numero de arboles grandes que generalmente pertenecen a especies primarias o tipicas de bosques medianamente conservados, entre las que se destacan: Juglans neotropica, Cedrela montana, Quercus humboldtii y Alfaroa colombiana [19].
Walnut: a Worldwide Tree The walnut tree, genus Juglans, is a surprisingly widespread tree.
Ipe is also sometimes known as Brazilian walnut, but the wood is not a member of the Juglans genus.
Walnut belongs to the family Juglandaceae and genus Juglans.