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Synonyms for juggernaut

a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way


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an avatar of Vishnu

a crude idol of Krishna

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And after Obama stunned the Clinton juggernaught and its backers with a big win in Iowa, there was bewilderment and befuddlement abroad in establishment circles.
The Juggernaught, also from South Africa, combine classic rock, southern metal, blues and rock 'n roll into a single form they call "Man-Rock."
Why don't we work towards assembling our own media juggernaught to support our ideas and aspirations?
The juggernaught overturned along the Rathgael Road in Bangor, Co Down.
That letter illustrates the current debate over outsourcing, which is destined to grow and is a key element in today's globalization juggernaught. Globalization both worries and invigorates U.S.
It is clear Stuart Rose has his work cut out turning round this retail juggernaught.
And with Ala Moana Shopping Center, the retailing juggernaught with over 25 million visits a year, just down the street, a shopping village may be the more appropriate niche for Victoria Ward.
A reduction in demand from the juggernaught economy has forced Chemring to issue two profit warnings and the recent government shutdown is yet to be factored in.
And it would be fair to assume that Getafe, whose president Angel Torres is a Real Madrid member, will be highly motivated to halt the Barca juggernaught.
Jonny Wilkinson was included after a late fitness test but he was powerless to stop the Irish juggernaught running his side over and then reversing for good measure.
Wales failed to stop the All Blacks juggernaught, now it is the turn of the Irish.
Arsenal have maintained their 100 per cent record in an altogether more stylish manner and the north London juggernaught is unlikely to be stopped at Craven Cottage this week.
So now, the imposing eight-point lead Wenger's men held at the beginning of last month has crumbled to just goal difference and though United's tougher six-game run-in still leaves them as slight underdogs, there are plenty of witnesses from the past decade who will confirm that getting in the way of a Manchester United juggernaught is a risky business.