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Jewish heroine in one of the books of the Apocrypha

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an Apocryphal book telling how Judith saved her people

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My birds, in fact, were married and happy; and there was I, every evening at supper, moonstruck, gazing at Judith, responding like some fellow in a farce to the looks she threw to me in order to throw dust in my eyes.
I have given you my life, and I had taken Judith from you.
The Cossacks had set fire to the town, and the thought of Judith then came to my mind.
I was wounded in the engagement, and only rejoined Judith at Strasburg; then I returned to Paris, for, unluckily, I was laid up all through the campaign in France.
Ah, my dear sir, what would not one do for the look by which Judith thanked me--a look of thanks from dying eyes; I saw clearly that I had loved, and should love her always, and from that day her child found a place in my heart.
And then you might get married to some decent man, and there'd be plenty ready to have you, if you'd only leave off that preaching, as is ten times worse than anything your Aunt Judith ever did.
I am,' said I, 'the little abbe who reads LIVES OF THE SAINTS, and translates Judith into verse.
Generations of children have loved Judith Kerr's books, which have become school reading material worldwide.
And I was only too happy to step in when Judith McGill faced a huge vet bill after her golden retriever, Alfie, was hit by a car.
Judith Haysmore has been in the role since 2013, and involved with the charity since it was established in 2003.
Summary: Family of Judith D'Souza, kidnapped from Kabul, expressed their gratitude to Indian government
Judith Smith Kaye's death on January 7, 2016, caused a state-wide lament.
JUDITH Kerr has just been able to put on her own socks for the first time in five weeks following hip-replacement surgery.
Judith Kerr is delighted - she has just been able to put on her own socks for the first time in five weeks after hip-replacement surgery.
PROPERTY consultancy Knight Frank has made two key appointments as Emily Seager and Judith Summers become lease advisory associate directors in its Newcastle office.