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the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government

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I also consider other developments since Pritchett's time, including the study of judicial behavior abroad and the massive improvements in data.
Building off the existing literature on judicial behavior and criminal law, it appears that attack advertising might increase justices' anxiety about reelection or otherwise encourage them to preempt campaign attacks by being tougher on crime, usually the most salient issue in judicial elections.
one litigation area can also impact judicial behavior in other areas.
A critical consequence of party selection is that differences between the Conley-era and post-Twombly or post-Iqbal MTD grant rates mix together two kinds of effects: changes in judicial behavior among cases that would have MTDs filed under either pleading regime, and selection-induced compositional differences in the sets of cases that actually do face MTDs under the Conley and Twombly/Iqbal regimes.
If the Judicial Political Realist account is accurate, in short, the true nature of judicial behavior should be exposed.
The realistic approach to judicial behavior is challenged in the article by Judge Edwards and Mr.
2003), "The Study of Judicial Behavior and the Discipline of Political Science," in Maveety, N.
Moreover, to construct a thin account of judicial virtue without a thicker account of the real world of judging, and the actual and inglorious determinants of judicial behavior, risks leaving us with a very thin broth indeed.
8) Empirical work that portrays ideology as an important determinant of judicial behavior breaches the wall of separation between law and politics that legal scholars have labored mightily for decades to erect and defend.
This has important implications for those analyzing judicial behavior and the impact of judicial selection processes on judicial outcomes.
Laurence Baum, Judges and Their Audiences, A Perspective on Judicial Behavior.
The key difficulty, once this is agreed upon, is determining how to regulate judicial behavior to limit exercises of judicial activism to situations where it is institutionally beneficial.
While every prosecutor, officer and member of the public should be outraged at this judicial behavior, the primary concern should be reapprehending Jerrell Patrick before anyone else get killed.
According to the Rector of the Real Colegio de Escribanos, the deputy scribes often performed fee-based notarial transactions, lucrative judicial behavior that was contrary to royal legislation and the 1782 enabling ordinance that limited their responsibilities to criminal jurisdiction.
After nicely integrating the existing literature on judicial behavior with this study in Chapter 2, Langer develops her theory of judicial review in Chapter 3.
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