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Synonyms for astrology



Synonyms for astrology

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To sum up: in his argumentation in the Apology for Raymond Sebond, Montaigne simply draws out a paradox that has never ceased to haunt judicial astrology and exploits this very paradox for the purposes of his own critique of human presumption (stark 267-73; Bokdam).
The fictional Albumazar uses machines (astrolabes and telescopes) that would have been applied to both natural and judicial astrology, but, in the case of Tomkis's play, judicial astrology is the lure that draws the gullible Pandolfo to the astrologer.
And Pico did specify judicial astrology (astrologia divinitricem) in the title.
Clearly familiar with what was called judicial astrology, King James I had no patience with those who seriously followed it.
Zodiology differs from both the so-called judicial astrology that predicts the destiny of king and country (like the omens of enuma anu enlil) and from the horoscopic astrology or genethlialogy that gives the exact position of planets at the time of birth as well as prophecies on the new-born child's future.
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