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Bruce Hausknecht, a judicial analyst for James Dobson's Focus on the Family Action, also expressed concerns that Sotomayor is a judicial activist.
Sotomayor has waved a red flag in front of Senate Republicans who have been condemning judicial activism in every election campaign and then voting to confirm every judicial activist nominated for the Supreme Court and lesser courts.
Alito's willingness to discuss establishment clause cases during meetings with conservative senators, Americans United for Separation of Church and State argued in an early November press release, "could be a sign that he is a far-right judicial activist eager to overturn decades of settled church-state law.
In the words of biographer Paul Kens, Field was "the prototype for the modern judicial activist.
Australia's most publicised judicial activist is Justice Michael Kirby, appointed by the government of Mr.
Associate Justice Thomas Balmer, who wrote the majority opinion, is no judicial activist.
It doesn't take a liberal judicial activist to see that the constitutional requirements for the presidency-natural-born citizen, age 35 or over, at least 14 years a resident of the United States-could reasonably be interpreted to require a pulse.
Once again, homosexual activists have found a judicial activist who will aid in the advancement of their agenda.
Jerry Falwell acolyte Mat Stayer of the Liberty Counsel told The Post, "This is going to be very disturbing to conservatives because I think it shows that she is a judicial activist.
But Torres's name may ultimately be closely linked to what one judicial activist calls an incipient "revolution" in forfeiture law.
In reaching that conclusion, Scalia employed the reasoning of a judicial activist.
Bush has nominated Brown to a seat on a federal appeals court for the District of Columbia circuit, but Senate Democrats have blocked confirmation, arguing that she is a far-right judicial activist.
The state's interest in enforcing a presumptively unconstitutional measure during the upcoming statewide election cannot outweigh the irreparable injuries that would be incurred by legislators who would be precluded from running for re-election and by voters who would be precluded from voting for, and electing, the lawful candidates of their choice,'' said Stephen Reinhardt, a frequently reversed judicial activist who sits on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
If President Obama nominates an 'empathetic' liberal judicial activist, he will have a fight on his hands.