Judgment Day

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(New Testament) day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives

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While he is scared for her and for "anyone who will have to go through Judgment Day," he believes that God will be merciful in other ways to those he does not save, such as "granting someone a quick and painless death."
The Judgment Day draws its inspiration from Greek plays and tragic characters, and features Dr J Retnakumar, Remya Denzil, Lovel, Shaikh Rafiq, Naila Aleem, Azra Aleem and Sharathdas.
Marquez showed that 1,162 detainees nationwide were released during the celebration of "Judgment Day" last month.
For the administrators of the Quezon City Jail, one of Metro Manila's most crowded detention facilities, Judgment Day allowed them to heave a sigh of relief.
Hamilton, who is famously known for her portrayal of Sarah Connor in the first Terminator film (1984), last starred in a Terminator instalment in the sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), which was directed by Cameron.
Penelope Lively's fourth novel, Judgment Day (1981), although quiet and understated like most of her fiction, employs sophisticated thematic and structural patterns.
(1986/18) Terminator 2: Judgment Day 10.00pm, Channel 4 Arnie said he'd be back - and he is.
A MAN threatened the Queen with "Judgment Day", a court heard yesterday.
ALTHOUGH there are a number of critics who have analyzed the similarities and differences between Flannery O'Connor's first published story, "The Geranium," and her last, "Judgment Day," (1) none have offered a compelling rationale for why O'Connor chose to revisit and revise this particular story repeatedly throughout her lifetime.
Summary: When you take up Rasha al Ameer's novel "Judgment Day," you should start with the afterword.
Yesterday was Judgment Day. Black was jailed for life for Jennifer's murder.
JUDGMENT DAY: THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE ON EARTH assesses current ecological challenges to the planet and reviews religious worldviews and thinking that have contributed to ecological issues around the planet.
Surrounded in legend for centuries, Bugarach has become a focal point for many Apocalypse believers as rumours have circulated that its mountain contains doors into other worlds, or that extraterrestrials will return here on Judgment day to take refuge at their base.
"On May 21, there's going to be a terrific earthquake way, way greater than anything else the earth has ever experienced and that will be the beginning of judgment day."