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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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In 1882, Russian writer and activist Leon Pinsker used the term "Judeophobia," which he considered a psychological disorder--specifically, a "psychic aberration"--that could be inherited and could not be cured.
There is so much hatred in society -- be it Islamophobia, xenophobia, Judeophobia, homophobia, you name it.
Nobody talks about the 200 Jews who left Germany because of the security situation and the rampant Judeophobia.
Yet the distinction between old and new antisemitism is the subject of manifold and often confusing debates, in which the positions range from an ardent conviction of the existence of a qualitative change (3) to total rejection not only of the change itself but even of its antisemitic character, (4) with some describing the accepted newness not as antisemitism but as Judeophobia. (5) In short there is confusion not only as regards the observed phenomena but also at the level of scholarly debates.
For, on the other hand, the word becomes on the internet currently used within black antiracists circles as an offensive synonym for anti-black racism, more aggressive than the terms "Judeophobia" or "Islamophobia"The term negrophobia is therefore used by blacks against all those who reject them because they are black.
By the early 1900s, Glover argues, this novel anti-Semitic formation (the term itself only migrated to Britain in the 1880s from Germany, where it was coined a few years before by Wilhelm Marr) had come to deliver the malleable language through which the immigration was now mainly understood, supplanting the older and looser terms like 'Judeophobia' or 'Jew-baiting'.
A better parallelism, therefore, might be to pair Islamophobia with Judeophobia, or anti-Judaism with anti-Muslimism, or anti-Semitism with anti-Islamism.
In this sense it is indicated as the most appropriate use of 'Judeophobia', a word used by the Zionist activist Leon Pinsker, to characterize the hatred of Jews (Braylan 2012, Perednik 1999).
He suggests it is vital to consider separately personal ethnic or cultural fears/hatreds (here called Judeophobia), institutional systems that foster prejudice against a group (anti-Semitism), and hostility toward a religious faith (anti-Judaism), a distinction US readers may find useful in current debates about terrorists, Arabs, and Islam.
As Rosenfeld puts it in his careful introduction, it's an animus that results in "efforts to demonize and delegitimize Jewish national existence in the State of Israel." He calls it a "new version of Judeophobia."
At the Woolton Picture House on Wednesday, December 5 at 7.30pm, readers will have the opportunity to hear direct from Gloria Greenfield, the writer of an extremely powerful film about anti-Semitism Unmasked Judeophobia.
Specifically, it is no longer possible to think about Jewish difference or even about Judeophobia without also considering the racialization of Muslims.
If we focus on European, Western that is, Christian antisemitism, setting aside Arab and Muslim Judeophobia, we see that the Jews' original sin is their alleged causing of the crucifixion of Jesus, who is typically depicted as ever innocent and innocuous, harmless, meaning to bring only good to the world.
<![CDATA[ Even if you are not Jewish, even if you do not support Israel, you should see Gloria Greenfieldas Unmasked: Judeophobia. It directly concerns you.' style="float:right;" />]]>