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Synonyms for Judaism

Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud

the monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud

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Women's high status in Ashkenaz is demonstrated, as well, in their increased involvement in Jewish religious life, including the voluntary assumption of religious practices from which they were exempt in talmudic Judaism. Grossman connects women's insertion of themselves into areas of Jewish practice previously exclusively male not only to Jewish women's economic success, but to contemporaneous religious revivals in which Christian women took part in reshaping prayers and religious worship in the church.
Reconstructionist Judaism pioneered gender equality.
Liberal Judaism's chief executive, Rabbi Danny Rich, said: "When the Civil Partnership Law comes into force, Liberal Judaism will be in a unique position to meet the needs of lesbian and gay people.
"I am very excited about the job, and delighted to be working for Liberal Judaism. As well as working in America, I have done voluntary work with Palestinians in the West Bank, which gave me skills that I will use in my new role.
We should teach a Judaism in a language of shared meaning, holiness, faith, and commitment.
As a Reform Jew, 13-year-old Amanda Garfinkel of Westfield, New Jersey, attends her synagogue (place of worship) many Saturdays and takes Judaism classes.
Presumably, like Rabbi Sherwin Wine's Humanistic Judaism, Humanistic Christianity will encompass most of the joys of the tradition, trumpet the glories of its history, explain and apologize for its lowlights, and preserve the charming legends--all while abandoning any pretense of literal truth.
Christianity and Judaism manage to co-exist with modernity because their believers have chosen doctrinal evolution.
While rejecting definitively the negative teachings against Jews and Judaism of the past, the Second Vatican Council simultaneously laid the doctrinal groundwork for an entirely positive theological appreciation of God's "irrevocable" covenant with the Jewish people, in our time no less than in biblical times.
Sherwin Wine is stepping down from the helm of the Birmingham Temple in Michigan, ending forty years of pioneering and leading a movement that views Judaism as a culture rather than a religion and emphasizes faith in people rather than a supreme being.
Their "blood and soil" ideology demanded a "final solution to the Jewish question" (Endlosung der Judenfrage), so that the ultimate aim was to rid the world of Judaism. Although the Holocaust was unique, it nevertheless was an event in history, and what happened once may happen again.
Leaders of America's second-largest branch of Judaism are set to consider a potentially contentious issue within the movement: whether gay sex breaks Jewish law.
The members of our group hope that A Sacred Obligation will help to promote, in Rabbi Rosenthal's words, a "new appreciation of Judaism" that will "become part and parcel of Christian thinking and acting." Obviously, we do not expect all Christians to agree with everything stated in our document, but we do hope that all Christians will come to respect Judaism as a noble and vital religious tradition.
Elisheva Carlebach, Divided Souls: Converts from Judaism in Germany 1500-1750
"First, the Catholic students learn to better understand and appreciate Judaism as a living, continuing tradition," explains Rabbi Larry Edwards, the program's national coordinator.